Are you in need of some time off from your daily hustle? If your answer is yes, then look no further. At Middlewood farm, we provide you with the best camping experience in the whole of the United Kingdom. We have a wide range of tours to set in the holiday move and get you smiling again. Our Whitby Caravan sites have breathtaking sceneries that never get out of style.

Services offered by Middlewood Farm

Our services are top-notch and will surely leave you craving for more. Our established team to get you around Whitby Caravan Sites, you will get the most of your travel trip. We pride our self in offering quality and we promise you value for your money. Our team will help you explore different sites to allow you to get the most of Whitby Caravan Sites.

Whitby Caravan sites will offer you a wide range of activities during your trip. From clifftop site views to short walks along the beach, we have it all just for you. We have handpicked these activities for you to ensure you enjoy your site-seeing trip to the fullest. We know the right places to visit and those places to avoid in North Yorkshire.

Places and sites

Whitby Caravan Sites have been preselected to offer vacationers more than adventure. You get o bond and feel the oneness with nature during your vacation. These places are awash with beautiful sceneries that will leave you in awe and begging for more.

Whitby Show Ground

This place is in North Yorkshire, and it is a magical place full of wonders that will always get you in the right mood. We have included this place in our Whitby Caravan Sitesto help you interact and make friends during your vacation. Activities to be carried out here include short walks to the beach and clifftop site viewing.

Whitby Holiday Park

What comes to your mind when a place near the sea is mentioned? Simply magical, that is right! Whitby Holiday Park is the place to be for couples, families and group tours. The site has fun amenities for all age groups. The sceneries here are out of this world. Other than site seeing, you will enjoy hikes and play with your family in an open playground.

Lady Cross-plantation Caravan Park

This is yet another wonder in Whitby, which is full of beautiful places that will leave you begging for more fromMiddlewood Farm's Whitby Caravan Sites. This place is a must-see when you visit New Yorkshire. The site is full of modern amenities, and the scenery is suitable for nature lovers.

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