Whitby, located on the Northern Coast of Yorkshire, provides a fantastic caravaning site for vacationers. Whitby Caravan Park from Middlewood Farm offers the amenities that match up to this natural environment for an outdoor experience that is second to none in the. Whitby Caravan Park is the perfect escape route from the hustle and bustle of everyday life since it is packed with outdoor activities and good weather.

Touring Whitby Caravan Park
Middlewood Farm Whitby Caravan Park affords you a chance to explore unfamiliar sounds and sights. This is further enhanced by the knowledge that in the evening, you can retire to an abode that is as nice and comfortable as your home.

Special facilities
Middlewood Farm Whitby Caravan Park is perched on a cliff-top as you head out of Whitby town. The provides a breathtaking view of the coastline, which will leave you yearning to get to the waters. The park has been designed with the senior citizens and persons living with disability in mind. We have special facilities including washrooms, to cater to this particular class of vacationers. We believe that everyone deserves a holiday away from home, their physical abilities notwithstanding. For pet lovers, Middlewood Farm has your needs at heart. You can leash your pets in strategic locations near your caravan.

Diverse tour packages
Whitby Caravan Park admits touring caravans, seasonal tourers, and motorhomes. You cannot get a better camping site. With proximity to the seaside, there cannot be a better place for beach play than Whitby Caravan Park. You can enjoy the fresh sea breeze on your way to the town by walking on top of cliffs overlooking the sea. Whitby Caravan Park is best suited to you if you love outdoor activities, including surfing and walking. Whitby Caravan Park is a walking distance from the famous Whitby Holiday Park. There is no doubt about the amount of fun you can have when you visit the.
Nearby tourist attraction sites

Other tourist attractions that are near Whitby Caravan Park include Geothland (the filming location of Heartbeat), Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire National Park among others. You can never get enough of what nature has to give when you visit the.

Bird Watching at North York Moors
If you love of bird watching, North Yorkshire Moors National Park is the perfect place to be during your Whitby Caravan Park tour. This provides migrating, sea, and wader birds with the best nesting and breeding environment. You can be sure to watch birds you only hear of during your Whitby Caravan Park. The is home to a wide variety of bird species including Red Grouse, Marlin, Honey Buzzards, and Ring Ouzel among others.